100 Reasons To Lose Weight: From Keeping Your Diet Consistent To Taming Stress

Whether you are 10 pounds or 100 pounds overweight, we all have our reasons to want to lose weight. below are some really good reasons for you to get on the treadmill, pick up those dumbells, take the stairs at the mall, and so forth.

See how many on the list you can identify with. Pick your top reasons, write them down, and take them with you all day long. Read them as affirmations each day, multiple times per day. This will help motivate you to lose weight. It will help you stay on track. 

100 Reasons to Lose Weight

  1. To see my family, I need to be able to fit on an airplane seat.
  2. I desire to be robust and healthy.
  3. I’m sick of only buying clothes that fit me and not anything I actually want to wear.
  4. More time spent exercising will be better than less time spent aimlessly eating.
  5. My joints are under more strain when I’m overweight, which makes my aches and pains worse.
  6. I’ll have more energy if I drop weight.
  7. I want to look well and feel good about myself.
  8. If I shed the weight, I think I’ll live longer.
  9. I’m sick of shying away from the camera because I don’t want to be the biggest person in the pictures of my family.
  10. Saving money on medicines allows you to spend it on other things.
  11. Being a good role model for my children and grandchildren is crucial.
  12. My goal is to raise my mood and emotional stability.
  13. I should be able to tie my own shoes without having to bend over so much.
  14. My blood tests will probably recover to normal levels.
  15. I won’t be referred to as a “diabetic.”
  16. I desire to get older gracefully.
  17. It’s crucial that I put myself first.
  18. I must manage my asthma.
  19. As I become older, I want to be independent and not need anyone to take care of me.
  20. My accomplishment will be something my kids can enjoy.
  21. I want to be able to complete a whole Zumba session without pausing to catch my breath.
  22. I’ll be able to see my future grandchildren if I live longer.
  23. I desire to be at ease in my own skin.
  24. I want to look great in a bikini!
  25. I need to be able to exit a two-door vehicle from the backseat.
  26. I should start putting on the smaller belt that is hanging at the back of my wardrobe.
  27. I want to be able to squeeze into a booth in a restaurant.
  28. My risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and numerous other illnesses will go down if I lose weight.
  29. I don’t want to make my kids feel bad about me.
  30. It will be simpler to shop at ordinary stores where the majority of the clothing fits me.
  31. I wish to get more rest.
  32. My balance will increase if I lose weight.
  33. I can save time and money by visiting the doctor less frequently if I’m healthier.
  34. I must experience a sense of accomplishment.
  35. I can fight off my depression by looking after myself.
  36. My thinking is sharper when I’m feeling well.
  37. It will make my sex life better.
  38. Stop avoiding gazing in the mirror; it’s time.
  39. As I am walking down the street, no one will be calling me names.
  40. If I lose the weight, my family won’t keep pestering me about it.
  41. Especially in the summer, I want to get out into public without wearing Spanx.
  42. I’ll have more comfortable shoes.
  43. My wedding ring will once more be able to fit on my finger.
  44. Weight gain makes me appear older.
  45. Instead of the ones that are currently available in my size, I’d prefer to purchase undergarments that make me feel gorgeous.
  46. I want to be able to move more quickly.
  47. When I don’t feel like I’m pressing up against the person in front of me, I can ride the bus or subway more comfortably.
  48. Instead of feeling like food controls me, I want to be in control of my eating.
  49. It’s time to stop my detrimental practices toward myself.
  50. It’s crucial for me to feel successful in achieving my own goals rather than those that were imposed upon me by others.
  51. I don’t want to use a cart; I want to stroll the golf course.
  52. I want to be able to continue cooking nutritious meals since I appreciate eating them.
  53. It’s challenging to fit in my car’s steering wheel comfortably.
  54. When we go on walks, I’d like not to have my dog drag me along behind him.
  55. I want to spend summertime outdoors without becoming too overheated.
  56. When giving me a hug, my partner should be able to fully encircle me in her arms.
  57. My physically demanding profession is tough to do well because of the added weight.
  58. I want to easily play tag with or wrestle with my kids.
  59. I want to be prepared to defend myself in case a potentially hazardous person approaches.
  60. I desire a better naked appearance.
  61. I want to put more emphasis on my relationships than on my diet.
  62. It’s critical that I beat the odds and overcome my family’s history of illness and disease.
  63. When I’m out in public, I don’t want to feel like everyone is staring at me.
  64. In order to impress people I haven’t seen in a while, I want to look fantastic!
  65. My weight is a major contributing factor in my social anxiety; I need to lose weight.
  66. I want to be healthy when I become pregnant since I have plans to start a family in the future.
  67. I don’t want my weight to be a factor in any interviews I have for jobs.
  68. I want to climb a mountain by foot.
  69. Protecting my joints, spine, and hips entails maintaining a healthy weight.
  70. I’m done having to buy new clothes because my old ones no longer fit.
  71. I want my children to be proud of their fit and healthy mother.
  72. After eating, I want to feel happy, not ill from giving my body bad food.
  73. I want to make the most of every moment I have left because life is so brief.
  74. I don’t want to make the same errors that I observed my parents doing.
  75. I want to stop turning to comfort food.
  76. I want to be able to fit back into my wedding gown from 20 years ago.
  77. Constantly feeling self-conscious is not enjoyable.
  78. I’ll make my hubby happy, I’m sure.
  79. I want all the effort I’ve put into my physique to be visible.
  80. When someone says I look beautiful in a picture or an outfit, I don’t want to feel like there is a qualifier “for her size.”
  81. I wish to get rid of my acid reflux symptoms.
  82. The towels at the gym should be able to accommodate my physique.
  83. I should no longer use my weight as an excuse.
  84. It’s time to reintroduce full-length mirror use in my home.
  85. I’m prepared to accept responsibility for my past transgressions and move on to a better future.
  86. No more chin dimples!
  87. I want to be more active and not let my weight limit me.
  88. I don’t want to be under any stress to get in shape for special occasions. I want to constantly be prepared for those things.
  89. I want to be able to wear high heels for 20 minutes without getting foot pain.
  90. I enjoy food more when my diet is generally healthy.
  91. Sweating decreases with less insulating fat.
  92. I snore all night, and my spouse is sick of it.
  93. My toes should be reachable.
  94. I wish to motivate people in my vicinity to take charge of their health.
  95. “Eat to live, not live to eat” is my new philosophy.
  96. I want to enjoy showing off all of my well-earned possessions.
  97. Creativity is enhanced by a healthy lifestyle.
  98. Building muscles aids in brain cell development.
  99. I’m prepared for my steps to have a continual bounce.
  100. I would like to be able to claim, “I wasn’t happy, so I took action.”

If you cannot find a reason on this list to lose weight then you probably don’t want to lose weight. There are plenty of reasons to lose weight, and if you don’t have at least one then it’s time to start looking for better reasons. The top 100 reasons are just a small fraction of what is out there. So go ahead and add your reason to the list!


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