Can Being Sick Make You Lose Weight?

If you are feeling pretty lousy, or suffering from some kind of sickness bug, it is not uncommon to sit there and look at the silver lining, “at least I will have lost weight after this!”.

Typically, yes, in the short term you are likely to lose some weight. You’ll probably wake up a few pounds less than you were the day before. However unfortunately most of the weight that comes off of you when you are physically sick is just water weight, and chances are that you will put this straight back on again when you go back to your normal eating and drinking habits. 

This is because none of what you are bringing back up consists of body fat. It is merely food or fluid being forced back up as your body tries to get rid of the virus or bad bacteria. The loss of body fluid can actually have a great impact on your weight, and since the chances are that you won’t be able to keep anything down you are unable to replace the difference either. 

Can Being Sick Make You Lose Weight?

If this persists for several days it can cause severe dehydration and the impact on your body can be pretty drastic. If this is the case for you, you would be advised to call a doctor. It is important to bear in mind to only consume small amounts when you first start to eat and drink again, as to not overwhelm your body. Although there is no prevention for the stomach flu, there is medication you can take to ease off the vomiting. 

All this being said, vomiting or being physically sick is not the most effective, or healthy way of losing weight. It simply works as a short-term solution and is likely to provide disappointment when the results do not last. If you don’t regain all of the weight, you will certainly gain most.

Bulimia is a serious eating disorder and not only is classed under making yourself sick after a meal, but also taking a large number of laxatives to force the weight out with faeces. Bulimia can have a dangerous impact on your health including erosion of the teeth from the persistent stomach acid. It can also cause problems with your heart and kidney health, along with an increased chance of developing bone weaknesses. If you are suffering from this illness, seek help or medical attention. 

Even whilst vomiting, research has shown that you cannot eliminate all of the calories that you have eaten, no matter how closely following the meal you bring it back up. The absorption process actually begins in the mouth and continues on throughout its journey to the stomach. So, before any food or drink has reached this area, you have probably already ingested around half of the calorie amount.

If you have been suffering from vomiting, in any form, encourage yourself to drink something cold. Sip slowly and take your time. Start off with eating plain, bland food like bread and avoid anything too sweet or fried. 


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