How Much Should You Run To Lose Weight Fast

Is the idea of going to the gym not very appealing to you, but you still want to lose weight? Believe it or not, running might be the best alternative for you; it’s free, and it’s doable whenever and wherever you want. Loosing weight is never easy, but it is possible. If you are looking to loose weight fast, when it comes to running, there are definitely things to try. Keep reading to find out some possible things and how much should you run to lose weight fast. 

How Much Do You Actually Burn Whilst Running?

The first thing that needs to be established here, is how much you are able to burn during your run. The main problem is that people overestimate the amount of calories they burn whilst running, and then get disappointed when they don’t see that big of a change in their bodies. The truth is, you burn about 100 calories per 1 mile, so during a 3 mile run you would burn about 300 calories, which the equivalent of about five small cookies.

Not that much, huh? Even if you do think this is enough to burn, it kind of defeats the purpose if you reward yourself afterwards with a slice of pizza or a tub of ice cream (been there..). So keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you will definitely have to put the work in.

How Much Should You Run To Lose Weight Fast 

Pushing Yourself

When it comes to running, there is a bit of a life-hack that you can implement. It isn’t the most fun activity, but if you seriously push yourself and run at a high intensity, this will create an afterburn afterwards. This is when your body continues to burn calories when you are not actually moving, how great is that?!

A suggestion to achieve this kind of afterburn, is to start off with three 30-minute runs a week, followed by a 30 second sprint, and a 30 second rest period. It sounds easier than it really is, but once you start to notice the results, you will quite literally be running back for more. 

Interval Training Is The Solution

Both research and results have proven that interval training is the most effective if your goal is to shed some pounds. In this case, however, “less is more” applies, since the more intervals are doing does not necessarily mean it is better for you. You should allow your body to have about 2-3 resting days in between your trainings. Similar to what was mentioned before, interval training really comes down to inense and fast running for shorter periods of times, and longer recovery periods (jogging or walking). 

Don’t Forget to Eat 

Even though you are trying to lose weight, this does not mean that you should not eat, especially after an intense run. Don’t forget to feed your body with the energy it needs to be able to do your next training. But instead of a greasy slice of pizza, go for a salad. 


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